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Private lessons are the best way for you to get the individual feedback you need to improve your dancing. Learn a variety of dance including Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba with dedicated guidance from an experienced teacher.


"Remember, every good dancer you see on the dance floor has at some point received private attention."
- Tyler Crandall, Founder of Northbay SBK

Book your lesson at your convenience using our online schedule below! 

Individuals Pricing:

Single Lesson $100 -

book below
3 Lessons Package $275 - Purchase Here
5 Lessons Package $450 - Purchase Here 

10 Lessons Package $800 - Purchase Here

Couples Pricing:

Single Lesson $150 - 

book below 
3 Lessons Package $412 -
purchase here

5 Lessons Package $675 -

purchase here

10 Lessons Package $1200- 

purchase here

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