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Anya Katsevman

International Champion, Competition Judge and Dance Coach

In 1993, at just 10 years old, Anya Katsevman moved from Kiev Ukraine to New York City where she began her dance training studying International Latin Ballroom.


Anya won numerous national and international titles as a competitive Latin dancer as well as starred in tours for Burn the Floor and Dancing with The Stars.

After finishing a successful career in International Latin Ballroom, Anya began dancing Salsa. In 2007 with her then partner, Luis Aguilar, Anya became undefeated two time On2 World Champion. She began teaching, directing choreography, performing, and judging at festivals and events worldwide.

Often referred to as the teacher of teachers and maker of champions, Anya has single-handedly trained more than 20 world champions in Salsa and Bachata. She trains soloists, teams, couples, and cabaret.

Anya Katsevman, Dance Coach Northbay SBK

Anya has also had the pleasure of performing with the King of Mambo, Eddie Torres, and she coaches the top dancers and teachers in the industry. Anya is known for elevating dancers to their next level which often includes their debuts on Broadway, tv shows, starting their own dance schools, becoming professionals, and winning championships. 


Anya is sought after for judging, performing, teaching, choreographing, producing, staging, designing, and helping develop artists, professionals, and dancers of all levels in all genres of the entertainment industry. When not traveling, Anya focuses on elevating the Latin dance industry and community via her online educational programs that focus on the skills of performing, choreography, self development and teaching. 

She has been Tylers dance coach for years and periodically comes to CA to host workshops and private lessons of Northbay SBK.

Two-Time World Champion Dancer. 
World Renowned Salsa Dancer. 
Teacher of Teachers.
Maker of Champions.

Anya Katsevman
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