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Jeff Jung

Salsa On1 & Sensual Bachata Teacher

Jeff’s passion leans towards the aspect of social dancing and prefers teaching technique and safety over longer patterns if ever given the choice. He holds teaching certificates in Sensual Bachata for both Korke y Judith and Daniel y Desiree World Mastery training programs. He teaches both Salsa On1 and Sensual Bachata and loves to see growth and progress in the love and ability for dance and the wonderful adventure of life. 


Jeff has had the privilege of performing and teaching at festivals and congresses in cities such as Santa Rosa, Sebastopol, San Francisco, Petaluma, Los Angeles, Reno, and Madrid.

Jeff also has his registered Professional Engineer License in CA where he spends his daylight work week hours at the local electric utility company.

Jeff is one of the founding members of Bachata Lab Productions in Santa Rosa where their mission is to grow the local dance community through supporting local businesses and social networks with fun and education in their events and activities.

Jeff Jung Northbay Salasa Bachata Kizomba
"Failure is the greatest motivator" 

- Jeff Jung
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