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Upcoming Kizomba Series

New sessions begin every 6 weeks.

6-week sessions are $90 total per person. 


Sessions currently in progress are displayed below. You are welcome to join sessions in progress at a pro-rated price. Please reach out to us to discuss if you have any questions. 


What is Kizomba?

The word "Kizomba" means party​ to the people of Angola, where the music for this type of dance originates from... And the dance itself very much reflects classic Samba dance movements. 

The 1950's were driven by people who went out to dance Semba, however the sounds of Semba began to fuse with Caribbean Zouk and Haitian Kompa, making for a slower beat. As the music changed, the Angolan Semba dancers started to adapt their steps according to the tempo, and the Kizomba dance was born.


Kizomba made its way to Europe several decades ago by way of France, Spain, and Portugal. It quickly became incredibly popular, especially among Latin and African dancers. The music is generally sung in mix of Portuguese and Kimbundu (an Angolan language).  As the sounds of Kizomba traveled through Europe, new fusions of the music were explored, especially in France, where much Kizomba music is sung in French.

Kizomba is danced with a partner, close together, and is more of a felt dance than a flashy performance dance. The music is beautiful

and people dance this with a soulful and sensual feeling.

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