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Upcoming Bachata Series

  • Beginner Salsa/Bachata (Series 1)
    Beginner Salsa/Bachata (Series 1)
    Multiple Dates
    Hermann Sons Hall, Petaluma
    Beginner ~ 6 Week Series ~ Petaluma This class series is built for beginners and will teach a comprehensive understanding of basic Bachata and Salsa movements. No experience required. Instructors: Tyler Crandall & Gina Bejarano
  • Intermediate Salsa/Bachata (Series 1)
    Intermediate Salsa/Bachata (Series 1)
    Multiple Dates
    Hermann Sons Hall, Petaluma
    Intermediate ~ 6 Week Series ~ Petaluma Dive deeper into the movements of Salsa & Bachata in this intermediate class series. Dancers must have functional knowledge of basic movements taught in the beginner class. Instructors: Tyler Crandall & Gina Bejarano
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What is Bachata?

Bachata originated in the Dominican Republic.

This Latin dance and its musical roots are closely tied to Merengue, which also came about in the region.


Structurally, a Bachata band is quite simpler using just 5 basic instruments... A simple percussive rhythm, a base, a guiro, and 2 guitars.

Bachata has evolved to be the most popular Latin partner dance in contemporary North America.

Traditional "Dominican Bachata" dance has evolved from being a percussive partner dance with focus more on the lower body, into a full body fluid movement style.


This influence comes mainly from the Spanish Peninsula where the dance is known as “Bachata Sensual," amongst other styles.

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