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Upcoming Bachata Series

New sessions begin every 6 weeks.

6-week sessions are $90 total per person. 


Sessions currently in progress are displayed below. You are welcome to join sessions in progress at a pro-rated price. Please reach out to us to discuss if you have any questions. 

Bachata sensual.png

What is Bachata?

Bachata originated in the Dominican Republic.

This Latin dance and its musical roots are closely tied to Merengue, which also came about in the region.


Structurally, a Bachata band is quite simpler using just 5 basic instruments... A simple percussive rhythm, a base, a guiro, and 2 guitars.

Bachata has evolved to be the most popular Latin partner dance in contemporary North America.

Traditional "Dominican Bachata" dance has evolved from being a percussive partner dance with focus more on the lower body, into a full body fluid movement style.


This influence comes mainly from the Spanish Peninsula where the dance is known as “Bachata Sensual," amongst other styles.

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