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At Northbay SBK, we believe in constantly improving the level of social dance in our community.  Working together with this belief, we grow as dynamic, skillful, and artful human beings.  We raise the level of dance through frequent quality practice, by taking what we have learned in class to the social dance floor, and by modeling qualities that inspire others to join this movement. 

Our Mission

North Bay SBK is about Dance, Culture, and Community.  We believe that dancing is one of the best activities to do to improve your quality of life in multiple dimensions.  Through expert instruction, students evolve physically, psychologically, and socially by learning not only how to connect with themselves, but with others in this dynamic activity.  No matter where you are starting from, the instructors will meet you there and help you dive into this fun and expansive journey.


Our Vision

Our Vision is to continually improve the level of social dance, performance, and competitive dance in the greater Sonoma County area by offering group and private lessons to folks from all walks of life and inspiring them to become not just dancers, but ambassadors for dance.  

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