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Kaija Rae

Kizomba Teacher and Founder of Kizomba MPLS

Kaija started dancing Kizomba in 2013, receiving training across the US, Europe, and Angola.


She has completed teacher training programs with world-renowned master instructors
Petchu and Vanessa and Lucia Nogueira that focus on Massemba, Semba, Kizomba, and Tarraxinha. 


In 2014, she founded Kizomba MPLS, a dance company based out of Minnesota. The company offered multiple levels of weekly classes, specialty workshops, performance teams, and socials.


Kaija started Kizomba and Semba training with Laury Esmeralda and Mário Jordão of ECKS in 2018. This training led her to win her cohort dance competition with Paulo Selele in 2019. 


She is passionate about building a Kizomba community in the Northbay area and takes a special interest in the historic roots of this dance, incorporating it's history into her classes, while also having a lot of fun. 

Kaija Rae, Kizomba Teacher at Northbay SBK
"In my classes, you'll find lively, entertaining lessons where students learn techniques in leading, following, body movement, musicality and styling...
We're here to have fun!

- Kaija Rae
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